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Recipes for Aga Range Cookers

All part of our plans to have you fully prepared for Christmas, this moreish stuffing is rich with the seasonal flavours of chestnuts and apples and makes a great accompaniment to festive poultry.

Little Sausage meat Picnic Pies! - "These moreish little pies are very versatile and make a nice change from sausage rolls. They are delicious eaten hot, fresh from the Aga range cooker but are also good eaten cold – perfect for a picnic.

I’ve kept the filling fairly simple to please my young family but you could add other ingredients to the sausage meat: dried apricots, or roasted peppers, for instance."

A warming winner of a dinner to make your bonfire night go off with a BANG-er! 

Can be kept in the simmering oven whilst you go off and see the fireworks for an hour or so, or keep in the fridge for 48hrs and warm up from cold for a little longer..

With the right equipment, cooking a fry-up in an Aga range cooker is efficient & involves less washing up! Follow these simple instructions for the perfect cooked breakfast!