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Recipes for Aga Range Cookers

"Here is a really easy fish recipe, with the classic 'put it on the floor of the oven to boil' method that no one seems to know about!  Delicious warm or room temperature as well as hot. Not 'freezable' but it only takes about 30 minutes to prepare from scratch." Sarah Whitaker - The Cast Iron Lady
This recipe is one that I turn to when a hearty brunch is needed to fuel myself for a long muddy walk, or the fridge seems suddenly empty and hungry mouths await! This is when the little tins in the store cupboard with their pleasing peeling lids come into their own! And yes, you can grill in an Aga range cooker, heres how! 

A wow of a savoury with a seasonal addition. 

Looking for a Vegan alternative? This sweet one looks mind blowing! and this is a knock out savoury alternative.