Roasting & baking tins for use with Aga range cookers

"Our very own roasting and baking tins for Aga range cookers; they sit straight onto the runners; much easier to use! Heavyweight enough not to warp but light enough for anyone to handle easily. The anodised coating is super hard so they'll last a very long time; we hope you like them! Don't miss our trivet designed specifically for these tins!" Matthew



More Info on Roasting & Baking Trays

Our range of roasting and baking trays are designed specifically for use with Aga range cookers. They are ideal for creating more space and flexibility when cooking.

All of our Blake & Bull original baking tins and trays are UK-made, super durable for long-term usage and won't buckle in the heat of your Aga range cooker.

Please take a look at our ultimate guide to baking in your range cooker or our recipe for the tastiest range-oven cooked roast potatoes - do get in touch for any questions you may have!