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eControl Aga Conversion Service

eControl is the newest way to power Aga range cookers with electricity. We convert existing cookers or use eControl in our newly installed reimagined Aga cookers. It has the most control, heats up fastest and some unique optional extras.

We at Blake & Bull have converted, and convert every week, more cookers than anyone else. Our engineering team have tested and evaluated eControl Series X. It's a robust system, more advanced than any other. Blake & Bull approved.

Our unique warranty, on every install or conversion, is for 5 years parts & labour. With 11 vans on the road and our own training scheme ensuring the quality of our work only we can support you directly. One number to call.

We'd like you to shop with us for decades, you are more important to us than a conversion or installation. It's why every job must be perfect.

Low running costs

How much your cooker costs to run is up to you but there is no cheaper way to do it than multi element electric like eControl Series X. You'll save hundreds to thousands on fuel with no servicing and no repair bills either.

The trade off is convenience vs cost. The flexibility of electric gives you control. The rapid heat up times of eControl Series mean maximum flexibility.

eControl Aga range cookers come as standard with an aerospace grade insulation system. Heat retention is extraordinary and running costs minimised.

Here is how Matthew, founder of Blake & Bull, uses his cooker and what it costs!

How does it work?

eControl Series X Agas use multiple elements to heat different parts of your cooker. This means even heat and more control. Heat each of your cast iron ovens (whether 2 or 3) to whatever temperature you need.

With more powerful elements eControl Series X is simply faster. The ovens reach 220dc in 62minutes from cold. You can even grill effectively thanks to the high mounted heating elements.

Each hotplate, larger and perfectly flat machined steel compared to the originals, is individually controlled. They reach cooking temp in 8-10 minutes and max temp in 14 minutes from cold.

ECO settings on hotplates and ovens mean warmth to the room but lower running costs when cooking is not required. It also means faster heat times than from cold.

Why Blake & Bull?

Reputation. Ours is extraordinary, we guard it obsessively. 

Experience.We've converted, and convert, more cookers than anyone else.

Peace of mind. Uniquely your 5 year parts & labour is with us directly and comes at no extra charge.

Quality. Our own engineer training means every job is completed to our exactly standards.

Service. We have a skilled team to spot problems and deal with them. The support engineers need. We succeed on every job, not just the simple ones.

Long term thinking. We'd like you to shop with us for decades, you are more important to us than a conversion. It's why every job must be perfect.

Econtrol Aga Cooker Optional Extras

Only eControl offers optional extras. First is Instaheat, an instant heat ceremic hotplate that replaces the right hand hotplate. It's a super useful addition for extra flexibility.

Second is the in oven hot plate upgrade that doubles as a fantastic pizza stone. Perfectly flat engineered steel replaces the oven base so you can use it as an always available hotplate!

Join the great green acceleration

Your eControl Aga range cooker will run on 40% renewable, green, power. The best thing? This percentage rises every year without you doing anything at all.

Running an electric cooker is twice as sustainable than it was as recently as 2012. By 2035 your cooker will be 100% sustainable and running on carbon free electricity. Find out more.

Get started now

"Click below to enquire about our eControl electric Aga conversions service, our simple form gathers the info we'll need to make it easy. It's not automated, we're not that clever, so give us a little of the working day to get back to you. We're on it!

Blake & Bull is my lifes work, I'm unashamedly proud of it. I'd love you to choose us."

Matthew, founder(learn a little of our story)