kettles"Ok I admit it, this kettle category is a little thin! It's because we don't want to stock a lot of hopeless kettles from random manufacturers - we believe in quality products only. We chose the options below specifically as they works so well on the hotplates of range cookers." Matthew 


More Info on Kettles for Range Cookers

These high-quality, beautiful kettles have been designed specifically for use on range cookers such as Aga and Rayburn stove tops.

We stock only the highest-quality kettles for use with range cookers, meaning they will last for generations. The classic design of these kettles fit perfectly with a traditional Aga range cooker-inspired kitchen.

We also offer trivets for holding your kettle on the back of your range cooker or on a worktop.

If you have any more questions about these kettles - or want to send us a picture of your kettle on your Aga or Rayburn range cooker - please get in touch!