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We've built an extraordinary reputation. We mean to keep it.

Buy Aga range cookers from our sustainable 'loop' & join the great green acceleration.

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"We have now had the refurbished Aga for 3 years and are delighted... we still have a warm kitchen, but also able to control its output at the touch of the knob. Should have done it to electric some time before, and saved lots of energy bills and the planet!" Matthew Bullock, Trustpilot, June 2023

Still cooks & feels like an Aga cooker

Save money on running costs and reduce carbon emissions up to 93% by converting your existing Aga cooker to electricity.

We've led the rush to electric for 8 years, a third of Aga cookers run on electric now. We convert hundreds more every year.

We dismantle your cooker and install an Electrickit or eControl system, we're independent and will help you choose.

They cook in the same way using radiant heat from the original cast iron ovens. Elements where the heat is needed mean independently controlled ovens and hotplates.

In summer use a single hotplate for a stir fry, then turn off. In winter leave the ovens on for warmth. You have control of convenience vs cost.

How much can I save?

Multi element systems like Electrickit and eControl are the cheapest to run.

The enormous carbon cost of 'fossil' cooker is clear. Running an electric cooker is twice as sustainable than it was as recently as 2012. By 2035 your cooker will be 100% sustainable and running on carbon free electricity. Find out more.

How much does it cost to convert?

Will Greenwood MBE

Will grew up in Blackburn and had no idea what an Aga was, apart from when he went to visit his farming mates. Fast forward to he and Caro buying their house in Maidenhead fourteen years ago which came with a gas Aga range cooker. Having been a sceptic, he was converted by the gas stove and is now a huge fan of the electric version.

“I quickly grew to love the aga range cooker and the electric conversion takes it to another level. We can just turn it off when we walk out of the door, adjust it depending on what we need and crank it up to cooking heat within ten minutes.

As with most Blake & Bull clients, the Aga range cooker is at the heart of the Greenwood’s home. Their rescue dogs – Bueller, Maud and Bear – snooze in their beds by the warming oven, Will’s shirts dry over it and the children’s underwear hangs on it before school.  

“Warm pants and socks on the Aga! What a luxury. I love leaning up against it with a cup of tea.”

25,638 reviews (& counting)

We've built an extraordinary reputation over 20 years, thousands of cookers and hundreds of thousands of orders. We mean to keep it.

Writer and antiques dealer Ros Byam Shaw

“I didn’t want to risk anything going wrong with [my Aga range cooker] by fiddling around. And then I came across Blake & Bull and read lots of great reviews about the conversion service they were offering. I felt like I had found the right people at the right time.”

“When it was put back together it looked as it always had and its performance was very similar. All the things I liked about it stayed the same. The only slight change was the heat distribution which took a little while to get used to. Thankfully, the monthly energy cost went right down and four years on we haven’t had a single problem.”

The Blake & Bull® Showroom

Heat to the room

Our electric Aga range cookers give as much heat, or as little, as you'd like into your kitchen.

Blake & Bull founder Mattthews cooker normally goes off after supper but cools slowly keeping the kitchen warm into the morning AND drying a load of washing. It goes back on when he makes his morning coffee and keeps the ground floor of the house warm all day. A cold conventional cooker it is not!

Combine conversion with re-enamelling

We restore original castings and re-enamel as new. Combine re-enamelling with conversion for a cooker that looks and feels as new.

Get started now

"Worried about coming down to a cold kitchen on frosty mornings? My cooker goes off after supper but cools slowly keeping the kitchen warm into the morning AND drying a load of washing. It goes back on when I make my morning coffee. It's ready for baking in a couple of hours and keeps the ground floor of my house warm all day. A cold conventional cooker it is not!

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Blake & Bull is my lifes work, I'm unashamedly proud of it. I'd love you to choose us."

Matthew, founder(learn a little of our story)