November 20, 2017

Gas Aga range cooker going out after an hour or two

Does your gas Aga range cooker go out after beginning to warm up in 1-3 hours? We helped Mike, a customer!, get his cooker going again with a similar problem. I suggested he look at the thermocouple and he did! 

"Previously there were two small lazy flames that would lift away from the thermocouple when the cooker increased in temperature and the updraft created by the heat increased. This resulted in the gas shutting down and the burner being extinguished as would be expected if the pilot light was extinguished under normal operating conditions.

Our engineer cleaned the internal gas jet near the base of the tube where the pilot flames emerge. There are now two healthy blue pilot flames, one turning the end of the thermocouple red hot and the other reaching the burner."

Thanks Mike!

Gas Aga range cooker going out

Matthew Bates
Matthew Bates


Matthew is from a farming family near Bath and a graduate of King's College London who decided not to follow the 'standard' path into banking or the law. He has been working with these fabulous cookers in some form or another since 2003. Matthew runs Blake and Bull from beautiful Bradford on Avon, near Bath. Alf the golden retriever makes sure the working day finishes at 6pm sharp - dog walk time!