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Recycle Week with Blake & Bull

In a world where we can't shy away from the issues we face with the ever-increasing threat of climate change, the smallest of actions make the biggest of differences. That’s why this year, on Recycle Week, we really wanted to highlight and show the ways that Blake & Bull are always embracing the importance of recycling, reusing and reducing as much waste as possible.

At Blake & Bull, recycling is essentially at the heart of everything we do. We pride ourselves on being able to bring any Aga range cooker back from the brink of disposal - we believe that even an Aga range cooker that is nearly 80 years old still has another 80 years left in it. Either by refurbishing, re-enamelling or converting to electric, we can help modernise, enhance and improve this key part of your home.

Before Aga range cooker

Converted aga range cooker

We aim to ensure that every part of your range cooker is either reused and refurbished for another use. However, in the unfortunate event that the parts are either too old (or too damaged) and can’t be used again, then we recycle them to become something else. This is made possible by the design of the Aga range cooker, and the high-quality materials they’re made from.

Blake & Bull Skip Store

When you decide to purchase a lovingly reconditioned Aga range cooker from Blake & Bull, we will have used as many original parts from the old cooker as possible. By refurbishing the key parts of the cooker, and re-enamelling the cast iron, we add extra life to the materials - thereby reducing and avoiding any extra carbon emissions by having to make them again from scratch. 

But, our recycled materials don’t just stop with the range cookers. We also ensure that when we deliver anything to our customers, almost everything we use in our packaging is recyclable! From the cardboard boxes to the fill pack, to the white paper tissue, it can all be recycled. When we do use plastic in our deliveries, it has all been reused from our other packaging. 

Blake & Bull Dispatch Room

On top of this, we moved away from the conventional jiffy bags (that are often disposed of into general rubbish) to new paper envelopes. These can be recycled in your normal paper recycling alongside our new removable bubble wrap inserts (which can be recycled in your local supermarket bag recycling box).

Blake & Bull envelope and jiffy

At Blake & Bull, we want to be part of ‘The Loop’; meaning that everything we use can be collected, recycled and reproduced into something new - without being detrimental to the environment. 

Before you think about chucking your old range cooker, we definitely recommend looking through our conversion or refurbishment options. Not only could you give your old cooker a new lease of life, but you could help to make a real difference in the fight against climate change.