Kitchen Scents

"We love our range of scented melts candles and diffusers. The melts were an idea my wife and I had on holiday over a few wines, the candles and diffusers complement them perfectly. Want the definitive scent review? Try this one from wonderful Melissa!" Matthew 


More Info on Kitchen Scent Diffusers, Wax Melts & Candles..

These Blake & Bull original kitchen scents have been designed to bring a range of appealing and homely scents into your kitchen. 

Our scents include:

Wax melts - a unique product - simply place on range cooker oven hobs to release a long-lasting aroma!

Kitchen candles - look great next to a range cooker due a design that matches the oven's enamel.

Kitchen scent diffusers - Give a consistent scent when placed in any kitchen


To send us a picture of your kitchen scent in action, or for any tips or queries, please contact us today!