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The Electrickit Aga Conversion System

'Electrickit' (previously known as 'Electrikit') is a mature system that has been thoroughly tested over many years and is supported by a professional firm, based in Devon, of longstanding good reputation.

More control, more efficient and even cooks exactly the same as a 'regular' Aga range cooker!

This is important to us as we take responsibility directly for fixing any problems. We wouldn't install anything if it meant lots of follow up calls! 

We have installed thousands of these systems across the country, get in touch if you'd like to be next!

How Does it Work?

All parts of the Electrickit Aga system are very robust and long lived but if something should go wrong then the careful design means that individual parts can be replaced easily. 

In terms of control Electrikit gives you precise temperature control of the top roasting oven via a digital display {0-280℃}. The lower oven is approx 60°C cooler than that set for the top oven.

This of course is not your concern but ours, our 5 year warranty plus ongoing care plans mean no surprises when you own a Blake & Bull 'eC' reconditioned cooker.  

Why Choose Blake & Bull?

Blake & Bull are an independent company with a reputation that we guard obsessively. We're custodians of the old traditions and our customers stories.

A nearly 40 strong team with deep expertise. Long serving engineers, a skilled workshop team, a traditional fabrication department and an ambitious R&D team.

Peace of mind. Our 5 year warranty is simple and reassuring. {3 years parts & labour, a further 2 years parts}

Why Choose an 'Electrikit' Aga Cooker?

Extra control & efficiency No more will your Aga range cooker need to be 'always on' - control the heat when it suits you.

It's environmentally friendly. We recycle the cast iron from original cookers avoiding the carbon emissions from needlessly making them again.

It's affordable. Because we reuse the expensive castings from original cookers we can offer a cooker that looks like new with a modern electric system for less than a new one.

Electrickit Aga Conversion - Let's Get Started!

"Click below to enquire, our simple form gathers the info we'll need to make it easy. It's not automated, we're not that clever, so give us a little of the working day to get back to you. We're on it!

Blake & Bull is my lifes work, I'm unashamedly proud of it. I'd love you to choose us."

Matthew, founder (learn a little of our story)