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Cleaning Services for Aga Range Cookers

Matthew's cleaning page"We offer range cleaning as part of our mini-refurbs and re-enameling. Do have a look at the 'Cleaning' category in our online shop and at our DIY mini-refurb kit! Get in touch with any questions!" Matthew

Almost any appliance can be brought back to an extremely high standard – even ‘vintage’ models from the 1950′s and earlier which Matthew particularly enjoys cleaning, so if you think yours is an especially bad case do not despair!

We use a step by step process developed over many years. It combines elbow grease, tender loving care, the latest cleaning products and special equipment to produce amazing results. We are thorough and careful; with even a standard 2 oven Aga range cooker deep clean taking 3-5 hours you can imagine the standards we are aiming for. You can find more detail on exactly what we clean below.

How good are the results? Well The Aga Shop in Bath can't be wrong, they have used our Aga deep cleaning service in the past to return their large 4 oven electric Aga range cooker back to its ‘pristine’ origins following cookery demonstrations. 

How our Aga Range Cooker Deep Cleaning Service Works....

  • lid cleaning
    We remove baked on carbon and grease from the front of the Aga range cooker. This includes the main panels, door surrounds, hinges and door fronts.
  • We dismantle and clean the thermometer (if fitted).
  • We remove baked on carbon from the ‘lip’ at the very entrance of the ovens - this is a strip joint made of aluminium or stainless steel. 
  • We remove baked on grease and carbon from the top of the Aga range cooker. This includes the main panels, lid hinges, lids, flue and rail.
  • We remove all accumulated muck, grease and dust from within the lid handles.
  • We remove and clean the hob rings, we also clean beneath these rings. 

It is true we can't always achieve perfection but we can always make a difference! Have a look at these if you aren't sure...!

Please contact us to get your custom quote for your Aga range cooker cleaning.

before deep clean

cleaning service

deep cleaning

deep cleaned