Why we love AGA's

Matthew of Blake and BullThere is no denying it, we love AGA's. Very often we'll visit customers who have 'inherited' an AGA with a new house and want to start afresh with a restored and smart AGA. Mostly they are unsure about their new cooker and need quite a bit of reassurance. Invariably though, by the time we return a year or two hence, these very same customers are madly in love with 'their' AGA! They will have been on courses and invested in all the accessories and wax lyrical about their new love - we can never resist saying "I told you so!".

So why on earth do we develop such an attachment to what is after all a very large piece of metal? Our theory, for which we have precisely no evidence!, is that we anthropomorphise our AGA's thanks to their warmth. We know, rationally, that our AGA is warm only because we put energy into it but our instinct is that things that are warm are 'alive' in some way. In this way we begin to see the AGA akin to a family pet or even a member of the family.

On a winters day, halfway through a wet and wild dog walk, would you ever say "I can't wait to get home to my dining table"? Probably not. But you may, just may, say "I can't wait to get home to my nice warm AGA.". This is the essence of why we love AGA's. They are home, warmth, comfort and satisfaction all at once - loyal, faithful and capable. J'taime AGA!