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How To Cook A Cooked Breakfast / Fry Up In An Aga Range Cooker


Recipe Name:  Cooked Breakfast / Fry Up In An Aga Range Cooker

Prep Time: 15 Mins

Cook time: 15 Mins

Makes: Depends how hungry you are!
Description:  With the right equipment, cooking a fry-up in an Aga range cooker is efficient & involves less washing up!

Ingredients (Mix and Match!):

  • Eggs
  • Bacon
  • Sausages
  • Mushrooms
  • Tomatoes
  • Baked Beans
  • Sliced Bread
  • Seasoning: Salt, Pepper, Sauces
  • Method:

    1. Prep your roasterwith your liner & Rack

    2. If you are cooking brunch, then you could put your tinned beans in the simmering oven early as per this top tip! If not, pop them in an oven proof shallow pan in the simmering oven now, or a bit later on the hot plate.  

    3. For cooked Tomatoes slice in half, and season with a little salt. Then roughly chop some mushrooms and season too (mushrooms take on their flavour in the initial stages of cooking) - No fat needed! This'll come from your sausages. If you have vege sausages then you might want to toss the veg in some olive oil. Arrange the veg at one end of your roaster and pop the sausages on a rack above these. Cook/Grill for around 8-10 mins (top runners of the roasting oven)

    4.Turn the sausages and cook this way for about 6 mins, when you are happy with their colour, move them down to the roaster with the veg bits.

    5. Then pop the bacon where the sausages were on the rack, around 6 full rashers. As it cooks the juices will drip to the veg - YUM. But make sure you choose the best dry cure & free range bacon for the best juices. 

    (Remember that you can fry your bacon off if you want it a little darker on the roasting oven floor.)

    6. Whilst the bacon is cooking, toast your toast! Want the best? Follow  Matthew's guide. 

    7. Now, you can do your toast 'straight up' with butter or add your eggs to it this way! ..

    Get your slices of doorstop toast, lightly butter both sides. Cut out the middle, with a cup or cutter. Pop facedown in your hot roaster and plop an egg in each hole. Cook on your middle runners, leaving everything else in the tray, for about 3 mins. Katy adds a squeeze of tomato puree at this stage, just to the side of the egg, tabasco would work too. serve when both sides have a buttery crispness. 

    8. Eggs can be done on the hot plate too using a liner! 

    9. You can serve it up now! Are you a red or brown sauce family? YUM!

    We would love your breakfast tips! How would you improve this? Send them into us with your breakfasty photos! Here are some more breakfast recipes to try!