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Aga cooker part exchange | Trade in for new!

One of the incentives to say goodbye to your old faithful family Aga cooker, chips and all, would be a part exchange value against a new Aga range cooker.

This can vary depending on if you are dealing with AGA Rangemaster Ltd directly through their website or a franchise dealer.

At the moment they will, by arrangement, offer 5% off any new AGA range cooker, if you have a cast iron cooker in your home to trade in. This offer is due to run until December 2022. 

There are conditions and costs associated with this, you will need to disconnect the water (boiler), fuel, and flue before they come. So you may find that doing this and selling privately would be more cost effective.

AGA Rangemaster Ltd prefer to take your cooker out whole, so be sure to think about access!

At Blake & Bull, we currently do not offer a cash value for part exchange against our reimagined Aga range cookers. We do carry out a safe and clean removal of your existing at no charge. This is always a careful and clean piece by piece dismantle and normally costs £495 + VAT. This is done ahead of time by Bradley our specialist removals engineer. 

Blake & Bull cookers use renewed original cast iron from the, now sadly closed, Coalbrookdale forge. This saves you money. Every cooker at Blake & Bull is part of our sustainable 'infinite loop'. The energy and history embedded in them carry on forever.

We also offer a generous 10% discount if you pay in full for your booking. Learn more about our renewed & reimagined Aga range cookers

Trade in your Aga range cooker