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Classic style Reimagined Aga range cookers by Blake & Bull®

Designed in the early 1950's this style was a response to a rapidly changing world by AGA and is a radical departure from the Heritage style design that preceded it. Simplified and sleek.

Classic style cookers were made between 1956 and 1974 (when they were updated to become our modern style cookers). It's a shorter period than any other design which makes this style rarer than any other, and perhaps the most interesting.

The towel rails sits on beautiful enamelled brackets and a wide shelf behind the lids raises an area up from the hob. Perfect for softening butter, overnight oats or just keeping a mug of tea warm! 

Red Aga

Red Aga

Read Aga towel rail bracket

Classic style Aga range cookers are one of the styles we offer for our Blake & Bull® reimagined Aga range cookers.

We are very proud of this service where we take the original cast iron fixings of an Aga range cooker and fit them with the latest electric system for maximum efficiency and control.

We then enamel the cooker in your chosen colour and add your desired trim option - you can configure your cooker and see pricing here.
Our friendly team will then install the cooker on your premises with a 5 year parts and labour warranty.