Re-enamelling services for Aga range cookers

Re-enamelling services for Aga range cookers


Give your cooker a colour change and improve it's efficiency



4 oven range cooker in Cornwall that has been converted to ElectricWe can make any cooker look like new, change the colour and give it an efficiency boost at the same time through an insulation upgrade or a conversion. Every enamel part is renewed, from doors to flue shrouds. See our colour range and order samples

We re-enamel in exactly the same way as it was done originally. The extra first step is to 'shot blast' the parts. This removes the old enamel and restores the cast iron parts to a newborn state. The age of your current cooker is irrelevant; this one was installed in 1942! 

Leave the heart of your cooker, and all it's history, intact. With a newly re-enamelled exterior and a thorough refurbish it will enjoy a new lease of life. I've tried to cover everything below but do get in touch with any questions by phone or e-mail; we are always happy to chat! 




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