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Re-Enamelling your Aga Range Cooker

We can make any cooker installed since 1941 look like new, change the colour and give it an efficiency boost at the same time through an insulation upgrade or a conversion.

Every enamel part is renewed, from doors to towel rail brackets. We have 39 colours to choose from; order our little samples

We re-enamel in exactly the same way as it was done originally. The extra first step is to 'shot blast' the parts. This removes the old enamel and restores the cast iron parts to a newborn state.

The age of your current cooker is irrelevant; this one was installed in 1944! Our 2 year parts and labour warranty gives peace of mind. 

Leave the heart of your cooker, and all its history, intact. With a newly re-enamelled exterior and a thorough refurbish it will enjoy a new lease of life.

aga range cooker re-enamelling service

Why Choose Blake & Bull?

  • We're an established family firm with a stellar reputation that we guard obsessively. 
  • We plan and think long term. If you choose our Aga range cooker re-enamelling service, and even if you don't, we'd love to welcome you into our community.
  • Our staff are happy, long serving and hugely experienced. Every single full time member of staff we have ever hired is still here. Seriously!
  • Have peace of mind with our 'working clean' promise! and 2 year labour and parts warranty.
  • You'll only deal directly with us; we don't 'outsource' or 'subcontract' anything.
  • You get a full 39 colour choices (order samples here).

cost of reenamlleing service

Costs, benefits & conversions... ...

Contact us about Re-enamelling

Please fill in the contact form to book your cooker in to be re-enamelled or call 01225 541006 to discuss options if you prefer!