Converting Aga range cookers to run on electricity

Cream electric cooker lid


We love traditional range cookers but, whisper it, they do have some drawbacks. Electric conversion can be the solution...



4 oven range cooker in Cornwall that has been converted to ElectricThe first purpose built electric Aga range cookers came along 20 odd years ago and we now have the, smartphone controlled, super flexible new models. They are fab but if you already have an Aga range cooker then converting it is a fab option. Combine with re-enamelling for a cooker that looks almost new!

Many conversion kits have come and gone; most simply popped an electric element where the gas or oil flame should be. Simple and cheap but less efficient and consequently expensive to run. We don't reccommend or install this type of conversion and never have, find out more

Instead we install a system known as 'Electrikit'. I've tried to cover all the questions you may have below; if you'd prefer to have a chat do give us a call on 01225 309347. We cover nationwide and look forward to hearing from you!


Frequently asked questions...