November 17, 2017

Roasting duck in your range cooker baking oven

Juliet got in touch with this question!

"I was hoping to do a turkey at Christmas and do it overnight in the simmering oven to free up the roasting one for all the trimmings, however, my daughter refuses to eat turkey and wants duck, so I will have to roast 2 ducks. Can I do this in the baking oven, at least partially. I have a conventional 4 oven Aga."

Question, meet answer 😉

"Put the ducks on the grill rack in the large roasting tin, cover with foil then put into the baking oven for a third longer then the standard roasting oven cooking time (baking oven is two-thirds of the temperature of roasting oven).

Transfer the rack, complete with ducks but removing foil, 15 mins before they should be done to a fresh tin to brown. This way all the lovely melted duck fat can be used for roast potatoes and the gravy can be made in the fresh roasting tin with just a small amount of juice from the birds."

roasted duck


Brad Miller