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Aga Oven Temperature Guide

I'd say once a week I get a phone call from someone wanting to know what their cooker's oven temperature should be, so we put together this quick guide to finding the correct oven temperature for your Aga range cooker! To get it right right you'll need an oven thermometer.

How Hot Should an Aga be?

An Aga range cooker should be 230°C in the roasting oven.

It's a little tricky because your cooker works on radiant heat not air temperature (that is also why it sounds high) but if you get the top oven right then your lower/simmering and module ovens (if you have a 4/5 oven Aga range cooker) should be correct.

To adjust your oven temperature follow the instructions below with an oven thermometer and you'll make the best ever roast potatoes!

  • Place your oven shelf on the middle set of rungs.
  • Place your thermometer halfway to the back of the oven on the shelf.
  • Wait 10 minutes and take a reading. If the temperature is wrong then adjust the settings of your cooker.
  • Wait 4 hours for it to fall/rise to the correct temperature - it takes awhile! 
  • Re-test until correct

Once done you should find the roasting and baking in your Aga range cooker gets a lot easier! 

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Roasting oven temperature of Aga range cooker