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Aga Range Cooker Flue Blocked?

If you remove the flue shroud from your conventional flue AGA range cooker you'll see an angled plate that is designed to catch any falling debris from the chimney before it gets to the lower reaches of your cooker's combustion system.

If the debris plate looks like the below picture then it's doing it's job but you also have a problem. That plate should look like the lowest picture. If the build up has taken 20 years then simply hoover it up and keep an eye on it.

If though it's happening over a period of weeks or months then you need to have your flue swept! It's quite a simple job as the chimney brushes can go up this opening but make sure you get it done.

A blocked AGA range cooker flue is not a good thing, you'll have carbon monoxide in your kitchen!  

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