We've built an extraordinary reputation. We mean to keep it.

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"Just completed a big kitchen renovation and Blake & Bull stood out as a company that really has the process focussed on the customer experience- rare these days but a pleasure to deal with." Stefan Drummond, Trustpilot, 9th November 2023

Buy Everhot cookers, made in the UK

We love Everhot cookers. They’re made in Gloucestershire their highly controllable electric models are very impressive. Everhots are low energy heat storage cookers, traditional use every day with gentle heat to the room. See full Everhot price list.

At Blake & Bull we build our own remanufactured electric Aga cookers, but we are proud to offer new electric Everhot cookers alongside them. Buying an Everhot from Blake & Bull means you get the same incredible experience as everyone else.

Visit our showroom (coffee in the cafe is on us!)

The quality of our showroom is a demonstration of all that we value. The Everhot cookers are beautiful but we think the experience should be extraordinary. You can park right outside the showroom and we share our Hartley Farm HQ with a farm restaurant, shop, organic market garden and 90 cattle! Every visit qualifies for a £10 restaurant voucher. Grab some coffees or put it towards lunch, make the most of your trip to us!

Controllable Electric Efficiency

Everhots are designed for efficiency and convenience, boasting rapid warm-up times and low energy usage; around 100 units per week for the more compact models.

Each oven and hotplate operates independently, giving you precise control over your cooking. Plus, the top oven features a grill with its own separate control, adding even more versatility to the cooking experience.

The innovative ECO function allows you to dial back the warmth, ensuring your kitchen remains comfortable no matter the weather. With the ECO function enabled running costs can be as low as £15 a week.

Why buy from Blake & Bull? 25,347 reviews (and counting)

We've built an extraordinary reputation over 20 years, thousands of cookers and hundreds of thousands of orders. We mean to keep it.

You are buying an Everhot but buying from Blake & Bull. We'll handle all your questions and queries both before and after delivery.

Serious Green Credentials

Everhot cookers lead the way in green cooking. Designed to make a minimal environmental impact, they offer maximum warmth and cooking prowess. It's the heart of a sustainable kitchen, beating strong with low energy consumption and radiant, comforting heat.

The cooker’s ingenious design ensures you can bake, roast, simmer, and sauté to your heart's content, all while keeping energy use to a minimum.

Start the Journey

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Blake & Bull is my life's work, I'm unashamedly proud of it. I'd love you to choose us. Learn a little of our story."

Matthew, founder