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Perfect for renewables

Multi element electric systems, like ours, are already the most efficient way to run heat storage cast iron range cookers like Aga cookers. Run from the UK grid they are already running on 40% renewables and getting better every year. Utilising home solar, wind or water generated power though can mean big savings and even bigger environmental benefits.

Most of our cookers draw a maximum of 4.6-6kWh and an average of under 500w, well within the capabilities of most domestic solar installations for example.

Can you run Aga cookers on solar panels? Yes!

The detailed control and fast heat up times of our electric Aga cookers, whether converted or newly installed, means that the power demand profile of the cooker closely matches the generation profile of solar panels.

Simply put your cooker needs power during the day when the sun is (hopefully!) shining. At night on eco or even turned off (it warms your kitchen as it cools) far less power is needed.

Battery powered cookers

Your Blake & Bull electric Aga cooker will of course occasionally need power when the sun isn't shining or the wind blowing. When this happens the power comes from the mains as normal. To minimise this cost a home battery can store power from your renewables systems and provide it to your cooker and other appliances when required.

The battery is a way of shifting nearly all of your electricity generation to perfectly match demand. You can store hundreds of kWh's if you choose, enough for many days use, but even a small battery will allow most households to use sustainable power overnight or until the wind picks up.

A home battery of sufficient size can literally make your electric Aga cooker from Blake & Bull completely free to run!

"We have now had the refurbished Aga [cooker] for 3 years and are delighted with the results... we still have a warm kitchen, but also able to control its output at the touch of the knob... Should have done it to electric some time before, and saved lots of energy bills and the planet!

Electrify everything

Getting to net zero will be hard, Blake & Bull is contributing one Aga cooker at a time. Only electricity can efficiently provide power to our modern world sustainably.

It costs money to go electric, whether for your cooker or car, but it pays back financially as well as environmentally.

Perhaps your Aga cooker will soon run mostly from your own solar array and battery, topped up by sunshine arriving by cable from Morocco when needed!