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Classic 4 Oven Pre '74 Deluxe Aga Range Cooker Converted and Refurbished In Surrey

“As everyone knows great service is a rare bird these days but Blake & Bull are an excellent example of that rare bird.

With some trepidation we investigated the option of conversion to electricity from oil of our 4 oven AGA. The cost is not inconsiderable and we checked out as much as possible; including consumer reviews.

Firstly the information from start to finish is exemplary and most important trustworthy. The timetable promised was achieved without change and the two installers were a delight, both knowledgeable and hard working in one of the hottest days of the year.

The use of the oven versus the hob is still slightly strange and although this was explained from the outset, we are still in the trialing stage. Economy and reliability are anticipated but since we have only had the conversion for less than a month we will have to assess later.

My conclusion is that if anyone is thinking of a conversion option, work with Blake & Bull, they are a personable bunch and give an excellent team performance.”

Lovely words to read from Mr Harfleet about our two engineers Preet and Joe! We converted their Aga range cooker from oil to our Elektrikit system in July.

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Here's how the cooker looked before the work:

4 oven Aga range cooker

And here's the end result....

4 oven deluxe electric Aga range cooker