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Heritage 2 oven Standard Aga Range Cooker Converted & Refurbished in Kent

"Can I start by thanking you all at Blake & Bull for a thoroughly good service. Preet and Joe did a marvellous job on the day. Excellent. I am sure all those involved in the preparation played an important role with delivering the final result too. We are very happy with our rejuvenated Aga.


Thank you again - if only all the companies I work with offered the same level of professionalism and service - the country would be in a much better place!"


We love receiving a review like this first thing on a Monday morning! We converted Mr Tarhans 2 oven Standard Aga range cooker in August, along with our deep clean & refurbishment service it will serve again for another 80 years (at least!)


*Please note the badge in the image below has been blurred as it's a registered trademark and we are proudly independent!


Here is the cooker before...


2 oven standard Aga range cooker


Here is the finished result...


2 oven standard Aga range cooker