We've built an extraordinary reputation. We mean to keep it.

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Why Blake & Bull?

How are our products and services different?

Electric is all we do

Individually our technicians are all among the most experienced with Electrickit and eControl Aga cookers. It's all they do day in and day out. No oil, no gas, no solid fuel.

Collectively our experience is unparalleled. We share lessons across the team every day. This means more jobs completed perfectly first time and far far fewer follow ups and warranty calls.

Big enough, not too big

We are big enough, some 30 odd team members, to always have someone nearby in a pinch, but small enough that you'll get to know everyone at the office quickly!

Clever, secure systems

Boring? Yes. But crucial. We've invested time and money into our technology. We'll know who you are when you email 4 years from now. We'll call back even if you don't leave a message. We record every piece of information for future reference. We think long term. You'll notice one day!

After we've visited your home

We'll still be here. A question about roasting temperatures? Call and speak to Matthew directly. Hotplate not working properly? Fill out our form and Bradley, our dedicated warranty technician, will visit.

We'd like you to shop with us for decades, you are more important than any single installation or conversion. Thats why your warranty is with us directly. One number to ring.

Proof of results

No one else has a reputation like ours. You can be certain of the quality of the cooker and service. There are no shortcuts. It is simply consistent hard work, over many many years, to make people happy.

No subcontractors

Every one of our engineers and wider team works directly for, and was trained by, Blake & Bull. This is the ONLY reason we can offer our quality guarantee and up to 5 year warranty.

We do it ourselves

We make our own upgrade parts. Like door and lid liners of tough stainless steel. We have our own shot blast plant for cast iron restoration. We have our own cast iron storage, heated and humidity controlled, to make sure your parts reach you in perfect condition. We build, test and develop. We control the quality of every part of our cookers directly.

How you do one thing

Is how you do everything. We own good vans that won't let us, or you, down. Our showroom is beautiful. Our team are well paid and well trained. Every aspect of the business is as good as we can make it. We are never satisfied but still proud.

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