We've built an extraordinary reputation. We mean to keep it.

Buy Aga range cookers from our sustainable 'loop' & join the great green acceleration.

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Why choose Blake & Bull?

It's easy to say we are better (we are) but why? What do we do differently?

Electric is all we do

Even individually our technicians are all among the most experienced with Electrickit and eControl Aga cookers. It's all they do day in and day out.

Collectively though our experience is unparalleled. We share lessons across the team every day. This means more jobs completed perfectly first time and far far fewer follow ups and warranty calls.

Proof of results

No one else has a reputation like ours.

There are no shortcuts. It is simplyconsistent hard work, over many many years, to make people happy.

A BIG team?

Size (we are 30 odd team members) is not always a positive but we are big enough to always have someone nearby in a pinch, but small enough that you'll get to know everyone at the office quickly!

No Subcontractors

Every one of our engineers works directly for, and was trained by, Blake & Bull. This is the ONLY reason we can offer our quality guarantee and 5 year warranty. There is never any doubt whose responsibility your cooker is!

Clever, secure systems

Boring? Yes. But crucial. We've invested time and money into our technology. We'll know who you are when you email 4 years from now. We'll call back even if you don't leave a message. We record every piece of information for future reference. We think long term. You'll notice one day!