We've built an extraordinary reputation. We mean to keep it.

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"It looks so good that OH asked if Jason had given up and just replaced the Cooker!" E.L, Trustpilot, June 2023

We can revitalise almost any cooker made since 1941 with our Aga refurbishment service. We start with deep cleaning to bring your cooker back to a lovely shine! Optionally we can replace the hob top and lids with re-enamelled parts.

Once everything is clean it's upgrade time. We replace the door and lid liners with shiny new ones and replace the insulation inside them. We replace the lid chrome tops, door washers and other small items. Get the details here.

This is a complete and thorough refresh at a fixed price. We've been doing this since 2011 and we're pretty good at it by now!

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We've built an extraordinary reputation over 20 years, thousands of cookers and hundreds of thousands of orders. We mean to keep it.

How much does it cost to refurbish Aga cookers?

Aga Deep Cleaning Service

Almost any appliance can be brought back to an extremely high standard – even heritage models from 1941 onward. If you think your Aga range cooker is an especially bad case do not despair!

Our Aga cleaning service involves a step-by-step process developed over many years. It combines elbow grease, tender loving care, the latest cleaning products and special equipment to produce amazing results.

Efficiency upgrades

Less heat out = less fuel in!

We always replace the door and lid liners with long lasting Blake & Bull stainless steel versions. These are highly reflective to bounce heat back into your cooker. We also change the seals, hinge washers and replace the insulation with high performance mineral wool (nothing harmful!).

As part of our level 2 service we also upgrade the interior insulation of your Aga range cooker. We hand 'lag' certain vital components with mineral wool, top up the loose vermiculite insulation and fit a snug new top blanket in high performance mineral fibre.

We even change the spring handle washers to make sure they are effectively insulated from the heat in the lids.

How much does it cost to refurbish an Aga?

Prices are fixed and include all new parts required. Refurbishing 2 oven Aga range cookers starts from £595 + VAT, 4 oven cookers start from £795 + VAT.

Find our full price list here with details of what is included.

What area do you cover?

Our Aga refurbishment team cover the area above, if you are outside this area we may still be able to help but would need to charge additional travel expenses.

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