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Aubergine Aga 4 range cooker re-enamelled

I posted a pic (below) a couple of weeks ago of an aubergine Aga range cooker front being inspected; yesterday it was fitted! Looking gorgeous we think, a contrast with the more muted tone of last weeks grey Aga range cooker. More info with each pic as always, what do you think?! ūüėć

Aubergine front

This is a very similar cooker to last weeks grey model. It's a post-74 'Deluxe'. One difference though is that the two hobs/tops join with a separate joining strip rather than it being an integral part of the warming cupboard hob. The eagle eyed will also notice that there are 4 towel rail brackets instead of 3. Finally this is a 'balanced flue' model where the flue exits directly out the rear of the cooker without popping up through the hob, basically it means there is no flue shroud. Definitely easier to keep clean!

4 oven aubergine cooker

This cooker has been upgraded with our new non-stick door liners. They look rather smart on dark grey against the aubergine front we think and will look fab for a very long time as need just a wipe over!

Aubergine doors

Matthew Bates

Matthew Bates

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