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Insulation Upgrade & A Good 'Ol Clean For Rob's Cooker

Thank you to Rob for this photo of his recently scrubbedand re-insulatedcooker! Now running far more efficientlyand keeping heat where it should be!

Blake and bull UK - kitchen ware, cookware, textiles, bakeware laundry racks & drying racks, linens, refurbishment services,  spares, cleaning,  re-enamelling, recipes, baking trays, baking tins, baking goods for range cookersI love your painted floor too Rob, and looks like you have been busy with chutney? YUM!

"Door seals and internal refurb of filling and top blanketEvery thing arrived in less than 24hrs of placing the order with Katy. Door seals. Easy to do and combined with refurb of internal insulation the heat controller is now set on a lower number whilst still achieving correct oven temperatures."

"Internal insulation refurb kit - easier than I thought it would be. Fortunately the top caps and rod retaining nuts came loose after a little soaking of WD40. I was worried replacing the top would be problematic due to rods moving during installation of new filling and blanket but it wasn't. A strip of masking tape on the sides of the Aga marking the location of the rods helped...The cleaning kitwas also effective - the scraperis effective - I suspect I will be using it again for all manner of cleaning/scraping jobs. Regards Rob."