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Winter's Best Accessories!

Owning a range cooker definitely has its own, unique set of benefits - especially during the winter time!

There’s never a better time to fully utilise and appreciate having such a wonderful range cooker accessory. Our drying racks (shown in the picture sent in by one of our fantastic customers) are only a small part of what you can do, and what you can use your range cooker for.

Drying Rack - Mrs D

"A fantastic purchase and investment. Excellent quality! I’ve used it everyday since it arrived. It’s great to use the Aga [range cooker] to its full potential and the drying rack certainly helps achieve that." - Mrs D.

It truly is the heart of the home!

We don't just stop at drying racks though, we also offer drying rails, stacking racks and drying ladders - perfect for every kind of range cooker! 

complete drying set for use with aga range cookers

This hard working range cooker (if you can see it) has been accessorised with our complete drying set

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