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5 oven Aga cooker electric system comparison table | eControl vs Electrickit

eControl - Series X
Hotplate Information
Independently controlled ✔️
Cold to simmering temp 8 minutes
Cold to maximum temp 15 minutes
Power (LH/RH) 2 kWh / 1.5kWh
Material Machined Steel
Controls Variable dial (small)
Max temp lid down ECO mode
Induction upgrade
Induction power options
Ceramic upgrade ✔️
Upgrade positions Right hand side only
Oven Information
Temp controlled top oven ✔️
Temp controlled bottom oven ✔️
Temp controlled third oven ✔️
ECO (ambient) Mode ✔️
Total oven power 4kWh
Triple elements (even heat) ✔️
Grilling position Top of top oven
Digital display actual temp
Digital display target temp ✔️
Max temp top right 260°
Max temp bottom right 220°
Max temp 3rd oven 220°
Top to 220° (roast) from cold 1 hour
Top to 180° (simmer) from cold 40 minutes
Warming cupboard power 750w
Warming cupboard element Rear of oven
Warming cupboard controls On/off button
Warming cupboard max temp (top of oven) 130°
External venting option ✔️
External venting fan option ✔️
More Information
Wifi integration  ✔️
Wifi type 3rd party
Release Date 2022
Made in Britain ✔️
Main power 1 x 40 amp spur
1.6kWh induction power n/a
3kWh induction power n/a
3kWh induction power n/a
Ceramic hob power No additional