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Age is just a number, we recondition all Aga range cookers made since 1941!

It's understandable if you're not sure about reusing parts of a cooker that could have been made as long ago as 1941 in your kitchen. The only parts we reuse though are those made of cast iron.

There is nothing high tech about cast iron, it's been made the same way for centuries. Aga range cooker castings were made, until 2017 anyway, in their Coalbrookdale foundry. It had been making cast iron parts since 1708 and was the oldest in Europe. 

We can make almost any cast iron parts look like new again. Your Blake & Bull reconditioned cooker has two sorts of original cast iron parts. Internally the castings comprise the oven cavities, base plate and transfer plates.

These are simple unadorned chunks of iron and are the heat stores of your cooker. They radiate the heat into your food and are why food made in an Aga range cooker just tastes better!

Externally the front, doors, lids and hob tops are the same cast iron but with the addition of a new coating of vitreous enamel to create a beautiful and hard wearing surface that is easy to clean.

Our enamelling is done in exactly the same way as it was originally. It's essentially coloured glass melted onto the cast iron after it has been 'shot blasted' to remove rust and other debris from the surface. 

The picture below shows the oven castings of a cooker we rescued from a scrapyard near Dorset. It had been sat sadly in the rain, fully assembled and full of insulation, for years. We dismantled it and removed as much of the insulation as possible before shot blasting every part. 

Find out more on our 'Blake & Bull reconditioned & refurbished Aga range cookers' homepage.


Cast iron Aga range cooker parts before being shot blasted

Cast iron Aga range cooker parts after shot blasting