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How to Clean the Chrome Lids on an Aga Range Cooker

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There are 3 materials that need cleaning on an Aga range cooker. The front, doors, hob and lid rims are all enamel, the door and liners are aluminium (or our non-stick) and the tops of the lids are chrome. Lid and door liners can be replaced and we have two cleaning methods for enamel (the chemical free way and the heavy duty way) but until now we've lacked a good guide to cleaning your chrome lids. An appalling oversight now corrected!

Chrome sits between enamel and aluminium in vulnerability. It's not as tough as enamel, you can scratch it!, but not as wimpy as aluminium. In most normal circumstances all you need to clean your chrome lids is a soft cloth (like the e-cloths that are included in our enamel cleaning kits) and our chrome cleaning paste. The paste is not harmful and contains a cleaning material to break down the grease and a polishing compound to restore the lids appearance.  

How to clean chrome lids on an Aga range cooker...

  1. Turn off your cooker and allow to cool overnight.
  2. Squeeze a pea sized blob of our chrome cleaning paste onto your soft cloth.
  3. Adding no water work the paste in a circular motion into a small area of the chrome until the grease deposits lift.
  4. Repeat across the surface of the lid, the polishing compound in the paste will create a lovely shine.
  5. Rinse the soft cloth in warm water and use to remove the residue.
  6. Polish using a clean dry soft cloth. 
  7. Where the chrome and enamel of the lid meet grease can accumulate. Use the edge of a sharp blade on our scraper to get into this gap and remove. Wear eye protection as the blades can snap! 

If your lids are heavily encrusted then they may be beyond the power of this paste! In this case you have two options. You can replace them wholesale using our lid chrome replacement kit, or you can turn to our heavy duty cleaning kit. Use this kit on the chrome as directed for enamel but do not scrape first. The heavy duty paste will work very well and leave them clean. At this point you can then follow the instructions above to restore much of the shine of your lids. 

Maybe now is a good time to clean your spring handles!

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