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Joining the hobs of Aga range cookers


With 4 oven Aga range cookers there is often a join between the hob top of the warming cupboard and the main hob section.

This is not always the case of course, nothing is that easy with Aga range cookers!, as there are two sorts of 'one piece' hob. 'Deluxe' model cookers of both pre-1974 and post-1974 varieties can come with a 'one piece' hob. Post-74 'one piece' cookers are very rare, pre-74 a little more common.

'Standard' model cookers always have two separate hob pieces but the two 'faces' of the enamel hobs that meet each other are relatively flat and vertical so they mate together neatly without needing a join.

'Deluxe' models have a more rounded corner radius and thus without a joining strip there would be a deep 'V' between the sections to catch muck and debris! 

Originally this section was 'filled' with a 'V' section of cast iron that had been enamelled to match the hobs. This worked well but did still leave 2 smaller 'V's to catch debris. No replacements of these sections are available, it's shown in the image below!

More modern cookers use a shaped piece of powder coated (painted) aluminium that screws into blocks secured under the lips of the hobs. The official version, available from Aga Rangemaster Ltd's parts line on 0333 0037058 for about £115 inc VAT & delivery, has a raised 'domed' profile. Our own version is flat so catches the bottom of pans being moved across it less but doesn't quite fit as flush to the front and rear. You can see images of them below, one is for a pre-74 'Deluxe' and the other post-74 'Deluxe' cookers. 

Top hob joining strips for use with 'Deluxe' Aga range cookers

Hob joining strip for use with post 74 Deluxe Aga range cooker

Hob joining strip for use with pre 74 Deluxe Aga range cooker