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New vs traditional Aga sizes

The sizes of Aga range cookers purchased new from AGA Rangemaster Ltd are, in most cases, different than they have been traditionally. Lets look at each aspect in turn.

The height of new vs existing Aga range cookers

All cookers purchased from AGA Rangemaster Ltd come with an integral plinth. This means that you will need to break out the existing plinth and remove it then make good this area ready for your new cooker.

All Blake & Bull cookers can be installed directly onto your existing plinth with no modifications required. If you have no plinth we can supply an adjustable steel plinth that can sit on any final floor, from wood to ancient stone tiles. No further preparation needed.

The width of new vs existing Aga range cookers

Only the 3 oven ER3 and ER7 cookers from Aga Rangemaster Ltd match the size of prior 2 and 3 oven Aga range cookers at 987mm wide.  

In terms of width only the ER7 model from AGA Rangemaster, direct competitor to our 3 oven 'Modern' style reimagined cooker, is the same size as traditional Aga range cookers at 987mm wide.

Until the ER

  • 987mm wide | ER7 & Blake & Bull 2 & 3 oven Reimagined Aga range cookers