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Reset overheat safety thermostat in 'Electrickit' converted Aga range cooker hob

'Electrickit' converted Aga range cookers have powerful elements under the hob that, if the lid is left down with the hob on too high (anything above setting 4 on the dial), can cause everything to get too hot! To protect against this both hobs are fitted with an overheat safety thermostat. To reset this safety stat is easy, I'll walk you through it pictorially below! This guide goes for both hotplates, in the example below we've used the right hand hotplate. You'll need the hotplates completely cold.

Firstly make sure there is no power to your converted 'Electrickit' Aga range cooker. Turn off both fused spurs that supply the cooker at the wall. If you do not have switches on your fused spur then turn off the power supply to the electric ring main that supplies the cooker. You would do this most often at your homes central consumer unit, commonly known as a fuse box! Confirm there is no power to the Aga range cooker by observing that there are no lights illuminated on the control panel! 

Now lets get started. Remove the expansion ring from around the hotplate. It just lifts off.

'Electrikit' converted Aga range cooker expansion ring removal

Now pop a towel over the hob to the side of the hotplate to protect the enamel. Use a thicker towel than we have! Lift the whole hotplate out of the cavity in the hob. You may need to lever something very carefully under the rim between the hotplate container and enamel to get a purchase on it!

Lifting hotplate from 'Electrikit' converted Aga range cooker

Put the whole hotplate unit onto the towel carefully. You don't need to move it far and in any case you can't as the wiring restricts movement.

Aga range cooker converted to 'Electrikit' hotplate out

Now press the reset button carefully with a finger tip, you may feel it 'click'. Its the small white button between the red wires as shown here!

"Electrickit' converted Aga range cooker overheat safety stat thermostat

 Now replace the hotplate unit carefully.

Replace hotplate on 'Electrikit' converted Aga range cooker

Finally replace the expansion ring.

Aga range cooker hotplate

Finally restore power to your cooker and give it a try! If you have any questions do give us a call!