We've built an extraordinary reputation. We mean to keep it.

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The Aga range cooker refurbishment team!

Blake & Bull is a team of nearly 40 friendly folk. We look for people who like doing good work - its a simple philosophy and it works. Only 1 full time employee has ever left in all our years. It means we have a deep well of expertise.

All on-site work is led by Katy. She was an illustrator and retail professional before joining Blake & Bull. Thanks to her razor sharp mind (yes, she bribed me to write this) Katy now leads a 20 strong team. Alex will guide you through booking, Luna and Jack make sure all goes to plan and Sue and Beth make sure your calls and messages get to the right person. Meet the full team here. Our two on-site refurbishment specialists are Peter and Daniel.

Peter, based in Ludlow, has been with Blake & Bull since 2014 and has seen every type of Aga range cooker ever made! He is a former teacher and father to three young children. Consequently he is more tortoise than hare and likes a good nap in a lay-by! He likes his coffee black and while he pretends to be a Radio 4 man secretly prefers Radio 2.

Dan is another long time member of the Blake & Bull team who has assisted our lead technicians and spent time in the workshop as part of the prep team and even been a removals technician. Like Peter the depth of his knowledge is huge. Dan has a young daughter but is a lot younger than Pete so has a lot more energy! Dan is a frothy coffee man and is young (and deaf) enough to still like Radio 1.

Behind Katy, Peter, Daniel and all the other names above are so many others who contribute to making every job we complete extraordinary. We have a fleet of brand new vans to make sure we get to you on time and safely that need managing. We have marketing specialists (thats how you found us!), office managers, accounting and more. Blake & Bull is a happy ship and we'd all be delighted if you'd choose us for your refurbishment!