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Why we love Tala!

Life isn't just about utility. If you are going to use a tool, like a roasting dish or oven thermometer, then why not use one whose form is as easy to appreciate as it's function? It rarely costs much extra and in most cases beautiful products work better than ugly ones. Designers who care about form pay closer attention to function too, it just comes naturally.

It's this philosophy I followed when looking for a supplier for our online store. I settled on Tala because their products are drop dead gorgeous and a pleasure to use. The same aspects of their designs that make them more attractive also make them work better.

As an example lets have a closer look at Tala's enamel roasting tins. Now it's true that these are slightly more expensive than those you might buy in Tesco and yet they are still better value. Here's why...

  • They are made from heavyweight steel. Don't panic you can still lift them but they feel solid and high quality and the heavier gauge steel means the enamel can be of a higher quality. Crucially though the weight of the steel makes for excellent heat distribution in AGA range cookers which use radiant heat.
  • They are made in the UK and have been since the 19th century. Specifically the steel is pressed in Oldham, Lancashire by Matthew and his team and this is then enamelled in Birmingham by John and his colleagues. Does this matter? I'll leave that up to you but personally I like to support UK manufacturers and I like the fact that I know exactly who does what! 
  • The higher quality of the enamel means the colours they use can be deeper and more long lasting. Lets be honest the tins are gorgeous. So gorgeous you can serve at table from them. That's impressive for a roasting tin! 
  • All of this talk about quality, the steel and the enamel, means these tins will basically last forever. On that basic alone they are a winner!

So there you have it. Tala sell high quality products that, even if you can buy cheaper brands, are the best value on the market. They are a friendly company too, still wholly UK owned, and small enough to care. That's why we stock their products and do so proudly!