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A Beautiful Bake In Our Cloche

What an amazing bake! Thank you Sally for sharing all the way from Canada! 

A baking cloche made of spun cast iron suitable for baking bread in an Aga range cooker

"I'm in love..this Cloche is the best thing ever.. it has made bread making so much better the crust I get on my bread is amazing not hard but golden crisp and crunchy and when not in use its a thing of beauty sitting on the counter. Blake & Bull were amazing and gave wonderful customer service you made my purchase so easy and fast it wasn't even a problem shipping it to me here in Canada.. Many thanks Sally." Dec, 2019

The baking cloche is part of our cast iron collection of pans, trays and bakeware, Its roots are sunk firmly in craft and sustainability. Each piece celebrates honest materials sourced responsibly. The designs are well thought out and unobtrusive. They work brilliantly too - the proof is in the bake!

< The perfect gift! It is not only a cloche, the tray can be used in all manner of ways! As a baking tray, pizza tray, serving platter....!