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Your Top 10 Enamel Colours Of 2021

As the year comes to an end, we can start to look forward to 2022.

You may have read in a previous blog of ours, that we have seen a huge shift in colour trends since, well… the start of the global pandemic. 

In response to this, our team here at Blake & Bull got to work in creating and releasing two brand new colours; Oak Moss and Peoli Yellow. Alongside our announcement, we discussed the tangible changes in colour themes across the country - especially in the last two years since our lives became noticeably more ‘home-based’. 

Looking back on the last three years, from 2019 to December 2021, we’ve also seen some really interesting figures when it comes to how people are transforming their range cookers across the country. 

First off, we’ve seen a huge increase in the number of re-enamelling jobs being completed, going from 69 in 2019 to an incredible 209 in 2021. 

Not only have we seen a massive rise in the number of jobs we’ve been able to complete this year, but we have seen a real shift in the colours that are being requested. 

Whilst the traditional colours like black, cream and white will always be popular (and are in fact some of the most popular colour choices for this year), we have seen more contemporary and modern colours being chosen, like Saxon Blue, Pistachio and Mocha.

Here's just a glimpse at some of the top colours we've had the pleasure to re-enamel in 2021. 

1. Black black re-enamel aga range cooker

2. Light Cream  Light cream re-enamel aga range cooker

3. Saxon Blue  Saxon Blue re-enamel aga range cooker

4. White white re-enamel aga range cooker

5. Oxford Blue  oxford blue aga range cooker

6. Pistachiopistachio re-enamel aga range cooker

7. Light Grey  light grey re-enamel aga range cooker

8. Northern Counties Cream  northern counties re-enamel aga range cooker

9. Claret  claret re-enamel aga range cooker

10. Mocha mocha re-enamel aga range cooker

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