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We sell, re-enamel, convert, refurb, service and remove Aga range cookers

As well as selling hob covers, accessories and drying rails in our online shop we offer five services to Aga range cooker owners (not to any other range cooker owners sorry, maybe one day!).

  • Sales >  For reconditioned & refurbished Aga range cookers
  • Re-enamelling > For 'like new' enamel and colour changes with improved efficiency.
  • Conversions > Converting Aga range cookers to run on electricity with our fab system.
  • Mini-refurbs > For sparklingly clean cookers with new lid/door liners and improved efficiency.
  • Safe removals > Dismantling & removing Aga range cookers when no longer required.  


  • Services for Aga range cookers