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Grey Aga Cookers

by Blake & Bull®


Grey is a versatile and subtle choice of Aga cooker colour, with multiple shades available to match your kitchen design. 

Your kitchen's dimensions, style and layout are key considerations in colour selection. Lighter greys have the ability to create a more spacious appearance, whereas darker greys can add a luxurious depth and richness to the space.

Grey Aga colour variants include dark greys like Pewter and Slate and lighter greys such as Pearl Grey and Platinum. Browse the different options with our cooker configurator.

We've had many happy customers that have chosen a grey remanufactured electric Aga cooker over the years, why not do the same?

Prefer to keep your current Aga and re-enamel it to grey instead? If so, see our re-enamelling service.


Configure your Ideal Aga Cooker

Dive into a Spectrum of 65 Enamel Shades, from the Classic shades to more statement colours.

Our cooker configurator allows you to test out colour and trim options possible for our remanufactured electric aga range cookers.

aga cooker configurator

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