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How Much Are Aga range cookers?

There can be a huge variety of prices available when you look to buy an Aga range cooker, here we look at some of the price differences and what to expect.

With newer dual-fuel and fully electric Aga range cookers (which can even be controlled using your iphone!) there is a cooker to suit most homes. There are many options and some special offers available when you go to choose your Aga range cooker so it can seem a bit baffling.

We have put together a guide to the options available; we have based this on a standard 2-oven model (where possible) and compared prices for the different fuel types. Prices tend to go up as you add on additional ovens or include separate modules with hotplates for example; but for now we will keep it simple. The basic prices below include delivery and assembly..

Prices stated are based on figures supplied by Aga Ltd. directly but the same prices were also given from an approved independent supplier. Blake and Bull prices were valid as of March 2021.

Aga range cooker prices

What Types of Aga Range Cooker Can You Buy?

Standard 2-oven Aga range cooker: traditional fuels...

The standard 2-oven cooker includes the two plates (simmering and boiling) plus simmering and roasting ovens, this model does not include a baking oven. This model is available in all fuel types; oil and gas fired and some options for the electric-fuel model.

The oil-fired, gas-fired (available with conventional and power flue) and 13-amp electric models are suggested for sale at £8,445 (inc VAT). There is a 2-oven night-storage electric model which makes use of cheaper fuel price overnight and is based on the Economy-7 system which is slightly more expensive at £11,295.

New-generation Aga range cookers - Dual Control and Total Control

The new generation ovens are only available in 3-and 5-door options.

Dual control - the 3-door dual-control model is available with either fully electric power or with traditional gas ovens and less-traditional electric hotplates which can be operated independently and switched on and off as necessary. This model has been suggested to reduce running costs by up to 50% and has a low energy setting. You may be concerned about losing the traditional ‘always on’ plates with this model, but we have been assured that the boiling plate takes only 7-minutes to heat up to boil the kettle. This model is suggested for sale at £10,595.

Total control - the Total Control model is fully electric and controlled using a digital unit inside a new door under the badge. Each oven and hotplate can be controlled independently and even programmed to switch on and turn off at separate times of the day; fully programmable for 7-days with two heating cycles per day. This model allows you to turn it off in the summer when you don’t need the unit to be heating the house which will undoubtedly save you money too. This 3-door model is for sale at £11,595.

Each new Aga range cooker is made to order in Britain and available to buy in 11 different colours.

'Electrikit' Refurbished Aga Range Cookers

When looking to buy an Aga range cooker, you may overlook refurbished models which can be a more eco-friendly and affordable solution.

The cast iron ovens of an Aga range cooker are pretty much indestructible, so these are repurposed and fitted with a more fuel efficient electric heating element - we use the 'Electrikit' system - the most efficient system - for this.

The enamel exterior of the oven can even be chosen by you, with over 39 colour choices to choose from and colour samples available.

A 2-oven Electrikit Aga range cooker from Blake & Bull starts at £7873. 


>> Take a look at our Electrikit reconditioned Aga range cookers - meticulously made to order.

>> Once you have your new Aga range cooker, don't forget the wonderful accessories to bring your cooker to life: Blake & Bull specialise in accessories for Aga range cookers such as hob covers, drying racks & roasting tins!

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