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How to Turn off your Aga?

Whether it’s in preparation for a service, a deep clean or to for the summer, you’ll need to know how to turn off your Aga range cooker safely when the time comes.

According to our 2019 survey, 44% of Aga range cooker owners switch it off over the summer, meaning the majority of owners have their cooker on year-round (and may well forget how to turn it off when the time comes!).

Turn off Aga range cooker for summer?

Here’s our simple guide to turning off your cooker by type – please note these are given as a general overview of each cooker by fuel source and does not take into account individual models or unique installations.

Remember that Aga range cookers are heat storage devices and will not cool down quickly. As a general rule you should turn it off the night before, then leave hotplates open and all doors open to make sure all heat escapes and it is safe to work on the next day.

How to Turn off an Oil Aga Range Cooker

To extinguish the flame on your oil Aga range cooker, simply turn the control knob fully clockwise to ‘O’ until it clicks, then release it. This cuts off the oil supply to the burner, which will gradually die out after several minutes.

If the cooker is not going to be used for more than a couple of hours – or if the fuel supply has run out – you should stop the fuel supply by turning off the valves on the oil feed line from the storge tank, or at the point where the oil line enters the property depending on installation.

When lighting and oil Aga range cooker again, remember to NEVER ATTEMPT TO RE-LIGHT A HOT BURNER.

How to Turn Off a Gas Aga Range Cooker

For Short Periods

Turn the thermostat clockwise until you reach the stop (PILOT) position. This will extinguish the main  burner, leaving the pilot flame alight to maintain some heat.

For Long Periods (or to be serviced, cleaned etc.)

Turn the thermostat clockwise until you reach the stop (PILOT) position. From here, press down slightly and continue to turn clockwise to the OFF position (you will hear a satisfying ‘click’).

On LPG models you will also hear a loud pop after extinguishing the burner, don’t worry this is perfectly normal!

How to Turn off an Electric Aga Range Cooker

The method to turn off electric or reconditioned cookers depends on the type of model, but is much easier as the cooker is not ‘always on’ like other models.

Using the control panel, a remote or even a mobile phone you can switch different parts of your Aga range cooker on and off, helping to save money on running costs (and being more environmentally friendly!) compared to fossil fuel versions.


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