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The Background to the Electric Revolution!

Aga range cookers started on solid fuel, moved onto oil, then gas and now the shift to electric is fully underway. Fully 70% of all new cookers sold are electric now and I suspect this is growing all the time. The reasons for this are three fold!

  1. The cost of installing gas, oil or solid fuel cookers is much higher. Running fuel supplies to a cooker, whether gas or oil, is complicated and expensive. Along with installing the flue or lining a chimney etc you can spend a good proportion of the cost of the cooker on installing it. If you have to install an oil tank as well then it may even exceed it! 
  2. The flexibility of positioning an electric cooker is much greater. The same fuel supplies and flues that cost money to install also restrict where you can place your cooker. Electric cookers just need a plug; they can go anywhere!
  3. Servicing oil, gas and solid fuel cookers is a pain. With fuel changes oil cookers can need servicing every 6 months and finding engineers is getting hard as the 'old guard' retire. Even hardened engineers often won't take responsibility for old solid fuel models!


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Conventional flue, not required for electric models!