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To 'airwheel' or not?!

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As early model 'Deluxe' cookers were introduced in 1956 (as always don't let the age put you off!) many came out of the factory as solid fuel models. Oil and gas became much more popular towards the end of their 'run' in 1972.

One of the ways to control a solid fuel cooker is via the air flow so they were fitted with a wheel control to the top right of the front of the cooker. This is shown in the image below. It's chromed with red indented text and rather pretty! The hob section above has a slight indent to accommodate the body of the air control. Choosing this option gives your cooker a slightly more characterful 'retro' look we think. 

If you choose our 'Airwheel' model when buying a 'Deluxe' (Pre-1974) 2 Oven Reconditioned Aga Range Cooker from Blake & Bull this is the only visible difference! 


Air control wheel on pre 1974 Deluxe Aga range cooker