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Why Basic Electric Conversions are a Bad idea!

Using electricity to create heat, and that is what you need it to do in your cooker, is unavoidably less efficient and therefore more expensive than using gas or oil. 

It's silly to burn gas or oil to create heat and steam, create electric, go to all the effort of getting it to you and then turn it back into heat again!

Basic electric conversions essentially pop a heat element (like a huge spiral lightbulb filament) where the heat source of your cooker was before.

They retain all the massive iron castings that hold the heat and work in exactly the same way as your cooker did before. That is fab but for the reasons outlined above it often costs more in running costs. 

Some conversions try to get around this by turning on and off more. They reduce the temperature to a lower level and ramp up when you need it on a timer.

The problem is that as the castings are all so huge it takes a long time to heat up/cool down and the savings are marginal.

We never installed any of these basic systems know collectively as '13amp' systems; they do not make owners happy and we do not like unhappy customers!

It's not great business and we'd like happy customers buying hob covers and drying racks etc from us for many years to come!

Our 'Electrikit' conversions are completely different and yet keep the features you want. Sound good?


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