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Electrikit Aga Conversion - Pasta Challenge!

The Blake & Bull showroom was happily busy last week, a steady flow of restoration enthusiasts came to see our fully restored heritage 4 oven Aga range cooker.

One question we had from a guest was 'if you are recommending that I reduce my hotplate use, using the ovens instead, how do I cook pasta?!'

Good Question! We exclaimed. We set about testing right away. 300g of Penne pasta was weighed into one of our WOLL pans {they are light, and the handle comes off!}

We chose to boil the water in a kettle, this used a tiny amount, around 0.167KWH of electricity. {further information about when to boil on the hot plate and when to switch to an electric kettle}

How to cook pasta in an Aga range cooker
We then boiled the pasta on the bottom of the roasting oven floor! You can save money on an Electrikit Aga range cooker {quite a lot over a calendar year!} by only using the hotplates as and when you need them {further information}, using the ovens as flexible hotplate & oven. In this scenario the sauce could be warming / keeping warm in the simmering oven {low runners}
How to cook pasta in the oven of an Aga range cooker