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Quick Guide: How To Insert The Blade Into An Enamel Scraper & How To Remove It

'Scraping' is a most satisfying job! The blade is held flat and low against the enamel, as it pushes against the residue it lifts shavings of cooked on grease. The shiny surface below is a joy to see! The corner of the blade is deployed around the hinges and tricky corners.

I have created a visual guideon how to insert the blade

How to fit a blade into an enamel scraper suitable for use on Aga range cookersOnce you have inserted the first one (which admittedly can be a bit tricky) the following blade changes are a lot easier!  Please take care, we don't need to tell you that razor blades are sharp! 

Safety First! - Wear work goggles - especially if you are undertaking  one of our Heavy Duty clean ups! 

< Pop on over to our cleaning guide for more tips and info! 

Katy x