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Meet The Team At Blake & Bull - Alex!

Meet Alex! 

Alex is the Sales Manager here at Blake & Bull and with the sales team, will be the first point of contact if you are interested in our conversion, re-enamelling, or refurbishment services. He will guide you through the different services available, compose your quote and answer any questions or queries that you may have; from the electrical requirements, to how to cook a quiche in a newly converted Electrikit Aga! 

meet the team - Alex blake and bull

"Hello, I’m Alex! I’m the Sales Manager here at Blake & Bull and spend most of my day happily chatting to customers about converting, re-enamelling and refurbishing their Agas. I was completely new to Agas before working at Blake & Bull but growing up and working in catering for 15 years gave me a good starting point!

When I’m not at my desk, I love cooking, pub quizzes and hosting parties. I’m also a National Trust member with my partner and you’ll frequently find us in manor houses and gardens around the country!"