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Why Do I Need Washers On My Aga Range Cooker Hinge & Door?

Thank you George for this informative review, it has prompted me to do a nice geeky post about the merits of these little rings..

"WasherAs one of the few moving parts on an Aga, the door hinges take some punishment and will drop over time making opening and closing a bit of a struggle. What must be the cheapest spare, might just also be the most valuable. Excellent service from Blake & Bull, easy ordering process and delivered promptly."

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Aga range cookers should have plastic washers between the door hinge and the hinge bracket on the front of the cooker. They serve three purposes.

  • They simply make opening and closing the doors that bit more smooth.
  • Aga range cookers are built well, so well in fact that they last decades, these little washersexpire, if they are not replaced the sturdy parts of the Aga range cooker rub against each other causing wear. If left unchecked this can, over time, damage the hinges.
  • The plastic washershelp prevent heat transfer from the body of the oven into the door, making them easier to handle and you oven more efficient.

Replacing your washers is a great little task to do when you undertake your spring clean!

<< We have even put together a handy guide and video on how to fit them!